What if We Told You? Yes, YOU CAN Dance Like a Kpop Star Within 3 MONTHS?

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Want to learn to dance like Kara, Big Bang, Wonder Girls and work out a  sweat at the same time? 

Look no further! Not only you can have lots of fun and a good cardio workout with Kpop dance, you will also learn to unleash your dancing talent by grooving and moving to the latest Kpop tunes and chart toppers.

Here's some information for you to decide if Kpop dancing is for you.

1) How will Kpop dance benefit me?

You will learn to dance like a Korean pop star! Yes, we are talking about the dances that you see in popular Kpop music videos, such as Girls' Generation, Jewelry, Big BangSHINee etc. You get to learn the choreography.

Besides, Kpop dancing is a form of moderate to high impact cardio activity suitable for the working adults who want to keep fit. It is a great workout that is cool, fun and helps you shed the kilos at the same time!

2) Am I too old to take up Kpop dance?

No doubt Kpop dance is generally more popular with the youths and teenagers, it is also attracting more working adults in their mid 20s to 40s and even mothers! Many of them take up Kpop dance as a cool and fun way to exercise, keep fit or lose weight.

Hence, you are never too old to take up Kpop dance classes. All you need is to find the right school and the right instructor.

3) Sounds good! But I'm pretty shy to take up Kpop dance lessons alone, what should I do?

Of course, it is always great to have a friend who is also interested to learn Kpop dance. If you have no accompanying friend and are the shy type, then joining a Kpop dance class is just right for you! Don't worry about being alone. Kpop dance is so much fun and you will get to meet a lot of like-minded friends.

Once you can dance like a Kpop star, your confidence level will soar through the roof and there's a good chance that you will break free from your shyness!

4) Are Kpop dance classes expensive?

Kpop dance classes are generally affordable. Course fees may vary for different levels of classes. Some people might invest in new shoes and outfit for their dance classes to help themselves get into a momentum or simply to look and feel like a Kpop star (e.g cool sneakers, funky accessories and chic streetwear).

5) Is Kpop dance difficult to learn?

It depends on the level you are at. For beginners level, you will start by learning the easiest Kpop dance and then gradually progress to more difficult ones. It is possible to master any type of Kpop dance choreography with reasonable amount of practice and with a good Kpop dance instructor.

All our Kpop dance instructors are very professional and have years of experience teaching Kpop dancing to men and women of all ages, especially beginners.


Now, envision yourself dressing in your coolest gear, looking great and hot. When the music starts, you turn around energetically like a pro and dance funkily to the thumping tunes of 2NE1 or Big Bang, in perfect synchroniztion with the rest. Meanwhile, the audience gets mesmerized! Wouldn't that be nice?

All these are possible! Take the first step to become a Kpop dancer now by filling up our class enquiry form below. 

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"I used to watch all the popular Kpop music videos on Youtube and imagine myself dancing like them. Now I am getting a taste of it and I'm hooked!" ~ Jolene Chia, 25 years old, Bank Executive
"The instructor is really good. I want to dance as well as him so that I can take part in performances." ~ Jonathan Li, 18 years old, student
"Love the energy and the music in the class!" ~ Shawn Tan, 26 years old, fresh graduate
"Very fun, very sexy and very good workout!" ~ Vanessa Teo, 34 years old, IT Manager